Smart City Simulation Game

Skilltree develops serious games - computer games that aim to explain difficult concepts for all target groups and at the same time impart knowledge and skills. A key factor for involving citizens in the creation of smart cities could be serious games. The combination of interaction, inclusion, citizen participation and fun can counter the growing complexity caused by the challenges of digitization, climate change and sustainable urban development. With Skillpolis you can shape the future of your city together with your citizens.

gefördert durch BMVI
This project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

Smart City Builder

Game technologies have been used very successfully in many other industries for a long time – e.g. as VR / AR visualizations, collaboration tools in product development, in education and training, maintenance, marketing, sales, tourism, human resources and much more. We will create a digital twin of your city and equip it with the persuasiveness of a blockbuster computer game. Your data sovereignty is preserved thanks to the Open Street Maps® basis.

skillpolis custom building
skillpolis preview city builder
skillpolis preview trier
skillpolis blueprint floorplan editor
skillpolis shapes meshes materials
skillpolis node based process options
skillpolis open street maps export
skillpolis generate level 1 digital twin
skillpolis custom blueeprints and models

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Smart City Simulation Game

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