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Skilltree-Studio GmbH ist ein deutsches Unternehmen, das sich auf den Technologietransfer zwischen der Spieleentwicklung und anderen Branchen spezialisiert hat. Mit den Eigenentwicklungen „skillpolis“ und „Skilltree eLearning System (SES)“ lösen wir zahlreiche Anforderung der modernen Digitalisierung. Unsere Projekte berühren eine Vielzahl von Bereichen und reichen von  interaktiven touristischen Erlebnissen bis hin zu fesselnden eLearning-Anwendungen.

Complexity made simple.

city render

Games - Technology - Transfer

Zusätzlich zu unseren eigenen Projekten bieten wir unseren Partnern Dienstleistungen in unseren Kompetenzbereichen "Games - Technologie - Transfer" an. Wir erstellen Konzepte, Designs und digitale Produkte, um Leben, Bildung und Arbeit in der digitalen Welt zu gestalten.
skilltree macht Komplexität verständlich.


Mit Serious Games und Gamification werden effektive Lösungen für die digitale Lebens- und Arbeitswelt geschaffen. Spaß und Freude ermöglichen schnelles, nachhaltiges Verstehen und Lernen.


Virtuelle und erweiterte Realität, Metaverse, prozedural generierte Umgebungen sowie immersives Design und Storytelling ermöglichen Lösungen für die Gestaltung der digitalen Transformation.


Sichere Planung, schnellere Prozessumsetzung und überzeugende Kommunikation werden durch den Transfer von Techniken und Methoden aus der Spieleentwicklung erreicht.

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Skillpolis - Smart City Game

skillpolis – The Smart City Simulation Game aims to demonstrate the complex challenges in creating smart cities for citizens, administrations and stake holders.

We believe that cities’ inhabitants need to be involved in the ecological, economical and demographic changes of the world through citizen participation and transparent governance.

At the foundation of our serious game lies skillpolis– The Digital City Builder, a standalone software for automatically generating digital twins. We will shape skillpolis into a universal visualization tool that democratizes the conception of smart cities.

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Learning Application

Grundlagen der Mobilität

Learning Application

Baden-Württemberg Institut für nachhaltige Mobilität

Massive Open Online Class

Demokratiebildung in Schulen

Massive Open Online Class

Zentrum für Schulqualität und Lehrerbildung

Visual Design & Onboarding Tutorial for Seniors


Visual Design & Onboarding Tutorial for Seniors


Project Thumbnail

Agentur der Zukunft

Learning application

International Insurance Group

Project Thumbnail


Serious Game


Project Thumbnail


Serious Game as an exhibit



We are a part of the world, and we have both the responsibility and opportunity to help shape it. We certainly can't solve every problem or answer every question, but we are committed to making contributions wherever we can. We put people first, whether they’re our team members or ourpartners, because it is always people who initiate change. People ask the questions and people look for the answers – so do the people at skilltree. Both our work environment and our business relationships rely on using open discussion to find ideal solutions, so strong communication and transparent processes are the foundation of our projects. We are forth coming, honest and fair, especially when dealing with criticism. We respect other opinions and value individuality. We take responsibility for our choices and know that even a wrong decision provides lessons that we can learn from. Our team is free to experiment because new thoughts and approaches need space to flourish. Early in our company’s history, we found a framework for action that we identify with: the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. In it, we can refine our perspective on critical issues with people from all over the world. The SDGs align with our values and our vision of what we need to do as a society to create a sustainable world. That’s what drew us to the UN Global Compact program, and we can proudly say that we are apart of it.

Christof Rezk-Salama
Chief Technology Officer
Prof. Dr.
Christof Rezk-Salama
Linda Breitlauch
Chief Creative Officer
Prof. Dr.
Linda Breitlauch
Michael Jadischke
Chief Operating Officer
Michael Jadischke
Our Partners

Companies that work with us come from diverse fields such as city administration, insurance and tourism marketing. The two things they have in common are their pursuit of innovation and their openness towards new ideas. We always make sure to build transparent and receptive partnerships with people and companies, fostering ideal work environments for both sides alike and striving to deliver the best possible solutions together with our partners.

„Skilltree did a fantastic job and the project turned out better than expected.“
Satisfied Partner
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„Great Result. Grreat Team. I love the way how skilltree is dealing with complex ideas and difficulties.“
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